David Campbell of Microsoft on New Tools for Navigating Big Data

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Over at the SQL Server Blog, David Campbell writes that this week Microsoft will disclose progress the company has made integrating with Hortonworks to broaden the adoption of Hadoop and help the community derive new insights from Big Data.

I will share some of the innovative work we’ve been doing both at Microsoft and with members of the Hadoop community to help customers unleash the value of their data by allowing more users to derive insights by combining and refining data regardless of the scale and complexity of data they are working with. We are working hard to broaden the adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise by bringing the simplicity and manageability of Windows to Hadoop based solutions, and we are expanding the reach with a Hadoop based service on Windows Azure. Hadoop is a great tool but, to fully realize the vision of a modern data platform, we also need a marketplace to search, share and use 1st and 3rd party data and services. And, to bring the power to everyone in the business, we need to connect the new big data ecosystem to business intelligence tools like PowerPivot and Power View.

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