Big Data Security – Who Needs It?

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At the RSA Conference 2013 being held in San Francisco this week, a panel made up of chief information security officers (CISOs) exhibited all the symptoms of Big Data Security fatigue.

Reporting in Network World, Ellen Messmer notes that the Big Data Security is a major theme at this year’s conference, describing the concept as “the idea that massive amounts of data related to both network security and of business context should be stockpiled to be analyzed to pinpoint malware, rogue insiders and stealthy attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data.”

But the CISOs were having none of it. Writes Messmer:

“… the four chief information security officers (CISO) on a conference panel about Big Data Security indicated that they already have their hands full with plenty of security data to analyze on a daily basis to defend their corporate networks, and for now, that’s enough. Their viewpoints suggest it may be a while before enterprises, even very large ones, clamor for the kind of Big Data Security deployments that IBM, HP and RSA, the security division of EMC, now insist is the next big thing in corporate security.”

However, in his keynote speech, Art Coviello, Executive Vice President of EMC Corporation and Executive Chairman of RSA noted that because Big Data can potentially “enable billions of devices to be connected, we will see more automated attacks that are destructive,” and cautioned that our newfound ability to access large data stores in the cloud is a two-edged sword – our adversaries can access these stores as well. CISOs, take note.

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