Deloitte Forges Alliance with Intermountain Around Big Data and Analytics

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In a move designed to slow the spiraling costs of U.S. healthcare, Deloitte Consulting and Intermountain Healthcare today announced an alliance that leverages Big Data and analytics to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

Deloitte brings to the table its informatics and professional services capabilities; Intermountain has the data. Since the 1970s, Intermountain has been using computers to amass what it describes as “one of the world’s largest and most detailed repositories of clinical and financial data coming from its 22 hospitals and 185 clinics.”

The trick, of course, is to transform all that data into meaningful insights – a job for Big Data analytics.

But the two companies are looking beyond their immediate interests and, as part of the five year deal, are planning to develop and provide health analytics insights to the entire medical community.

Health care is on the verge of realizing significant gains from big data, but it takes new tools and new approaches around collaboration to get there,” said Jason Girzadas, a principal at Deloitte. “This alliance will work to provide the health-care industry a destination center for the insights needed to change health care.” Andrew Vaz, Deloitte’s chief innovation officer adds, “We hope to accelerate the development of what the Institute of Medicine refers to as a ‘learning health-care system.’ By bringing data-driven insights to organizations managing care and developing the therapies of tomorrow, we hope to ignite innovation and promote quality, safety and value in health care.”

Transforming what many believe to be a broken U.S. Healthcare system – e.g., a third of our spending on healthcare is wasted – has been the Holy Grail for politicians and practitioners alike. So far no one has succeeded.

Can the application of analytics to massive collections of healthcare data help ease the pain? In today’s press release, Bert Zimmerli, CFO of Intermountain, issued this optimistic statement, “In addition to Deloitte’s capabilities, our organizations share a commitment to the mission of transforming health care. Together we will leverage our decades of experience and work to revolutionize the way medical insights are discovered and used to improve care.”

We fervently hope they succeed.

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