Video: How to Talk to Your CFO about HPC and Big Data

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In this video from the 2013 National HPCC Conference, Rich Brueckner from inside-BigData moderates a panel discussion on How to Talk to Your CFO about HPC and Big Data.


John C. Morris – Pfizer
Dr. George Ball – Raytheon
Henry Tufo – University of Colorado, Boulder
Dr. Flavio Villanustre – LexisNexis

As members of the HPC community, we spend a good share our time sharing our work and best practices with our colleagues. But how do we communicate the business value of high performance computing and Big Data analytics to CFOs who have little affinity to discussions of things like cores, Hadoop, and MPI? In this panel discussion, experts and Big Data and HPC will come together to share best practices and communication strategies that have proven effective when talking to CFOs and other C-level executives.”

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