Ed Dumbill on Picking Winners In Big Data

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Over at Forbes, Edd Dumbill writes that as a flurry of Startups and incumbents scramble for a piece of the Big Data pie, the key to success is understanding that Big Data is a business problem.

Big data is ultimately about the smart use of data to drive a business. There are two kinds of data: data about your business, and data external to your business that you can create value from. It’s easy to see who might get success from the latter, external data. We can expect that massive data owners such as Google, Facebook, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg will experience ongoing success for as long as they are able to create product from their data. Who owns your data, though? The obvious answer, you, isn’t the only answer. In fact, your data is locked up inside the platform choices you make, at both the hardware and software level. If your systems are based on Oracle, Microsoft, you are very unlikely to move in a hurry. Data likes to stay where it is, and tends to attract more data as you build systems around it. Production systems are expensive to replace.

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