SAS Adds to its Big Data Analytics Product Lineup

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SAS this week announced six new high-performance analytics products to further strengthen the company’s leadership role as a provider of advanced analytics for Big Data.

According to a recent IDC report, SAS analytics account for 35.2 percent worldwide market share, exhibiting steady growth over the past three years.  The company’s next four closest competitors combined hold only 21 percent of the market.

The new SAS products, available in June, are focused on a variety of analytic techniques, including data mining, text mining, optimization, forecasting, statistics and econometrics.

According to the press release, users can choose the relevant SAS offerings that will allow them to perform analytical tasks in-memory across Big Data to meet specific business challenges.

The new SAS High-Performance Analytics products help organizations overcome bottlenecks to answer the really tough questions, those problems that often involve large amounts of data,” said Henry Morris, IDC Senior Vice President of Worldwide Software and Services. “These new functionally specific analytic packages differ significantly from other in-memory products because they are broad and useful across any industry. Instead of being limited to a particular problem, or lacking real predictive capabilities, the new SAS analytics are useful for virtually any analytic purpose.”

The six new products include:

  • SAS High-Performance Statistics
  • SAS High-Performance Data Mining
  • SAS High-Performance Text Mining
  • SAS High-Performance Optimization
  • SAS High-Performance Econometrics
  • SAS High-Performance Forecasting.

The new software packages operate in massively parallel processing (MPP) environments, distributing complex analytic tasks across numerous server blades to perform computations in parallel. Because each blade has its own memory, execution is rapid; jobs that once took hours now take only minutes or even seconds.

These new offerings extend options for new configurations with Teradata, Greenplum (now part of Pivotal) and Hadoop, as well as adding Oracle support.

The announcement was made at SAS Global Forum 2013, underway this week in San Francisco.  Key sessions are being live streamed at the SAS video portal.

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