Video: Aeon Computing Big Data Storage with Lustre and ZFS

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In this video from LUG 2013, Jeff Johnson from Aeon Computing presents an overview of the company’s innovative Lustre storage solutions.

Our focus is on the design and deployment of highly-integrated HPC, clustered computing, and storage solutions for all areas of computer-aided research and production. With over 55 years of staff experience in high-performance computing, enterprise computing architectures, and data storage, our focus is on architecting a perfectly-suited solution for your needs. We do not adhere to the large manufacturer approach of “one size fits most”. Every application or research methodology is different. We prefer to learn about our customer’s research, their needs and challenges. Our strength comes from being able to draw from many different types of technologies and configuration approaches. Our goal is to design and deploy a cluster or system for our customers that avoids needless bottlenecks, limitations or design and configuration flaws that are commonly found in solutions designed by companies that are more focused on profits or sales incentives from manufacturers.”

Download the slides (PDF).

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