Five Big Business Opportunities for Big Data

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Over at Information Week, Doug Henschen writes that Big data project leaders are seeking key technology ingredients starting with SQL analysis.

There’s a big push to deliver SQL-analysis capabilities on top of Hadoop, and the talent shortage is just one reason. The second reason for the trend is that Apache Hive, Hadoop’s incumbent data warehousing infrastructure, offers a limited subset of SQL-like query capabilities and suffers from slow performance tied to behind-the-scenes MapReduce processing. Answering the call for broader, faster SQL querying on Hadoop are projects and initiatives including Cloudera Impala, EMC’s HAWQ query feature on the Pivotal HD distribution, Hortonworks Stinger, IBM Big SQL, MapR-supported Apache Drill, and Teradata SQL-H.

This is great stuff if you want to better understand the business opportunities out there in Big Data. Read the Full Story.

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