Jeff Layton on Tools for Data Migration

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Over at HPC Admin, Dell’s Jeff Layton writes that with today’s explosive data growth, at some point you will have to migrate data from one set of storage devices to another. To help move things along, he provides an overview of data migration tools.

At some point during this growth spurt, you will have to think about migrating your data from an old storage solution to a new one, but copying the data over isn’t as easy as it sounds. You would like to preserve the attributes of the data during the migration, including xattrs (extended attributes), and losing information such as file ownership or timestamps can cause havoc with projects. Plus, you have to pay attention to the same things for directories; they are just as important as the file themselves (remember that everything is a file in Linux). In this article, I wanted to present some possible tools for helping with data migration, and I covered just a few of them. However, I also wanted to take a few paragraphs to emphasize that you need to plan your data migration if you want to succeed.

As referred to in Layton’s article, this video from the Lustre User Group 2013 features Marc Stearman from LLNL presenting: Sequoia Data Migration Experiences. Download the slides (PDF).

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