Splunk and Cloudera Alliance Hints at New Big Data Landscape

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Over at SlashBI, Nick Kolakowski writes that the newly announced Splunk/Cloudera alliance hints at the new Big Data lanscape.

Under the terms of the alliance, Splunk Hadoop Connect will link Splunk Enterprise to Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution (and associated projects). Which is certainly good for Cloudera: any number of companies have released Hadoop distributions over the past couple months, crowding the marketplace, and making it all the more vital for individual firms to sign “alliances” and other contracts for their respective offerings. Such alliances could also prove vital for smaller firms seeking to hold the line, as it were, against IT giants such as IBM and SAP. The latter, of course, have untold millions of dollars and large amounts of other resources to deploy in the search for data-analytics customers; faced with that sort of competition, startups and midsize companies need to consider how partnerships can amplify the reach of their analytics products.

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