Is All Science Becoming Data Science?

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Over at Science Magazine, Vijaysree Venkatraman writes that data-driven discovery may soon become the norm in science and that learning to code and becoming comfortable with large datasets may soon be a necessity in many traditional scientific fields.

All science is fast becoming what is called data science,” says Bill Howe of UW’s eScience Institute. Today, there are sensors in gene sequencers, telescopes, forest canopies, roads, bridges, buildings, and point-of-sale terminals. Every ant in a colony can be tagged. The challenge is to extract knowledge from this vast quantity of data and transform it into something of value. Lately, Lazowska says, he has been hearing this refrain from researchers in engineering, the sciences, the social sciences, law, medicine, and even the humanities: “I am drowning in data and need help analyzing and managing it.”

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