Video: Data is not a Magic Bullet

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In this video from the OMMA Data Driven Marketing Conference, Chris McCaan presents: Data is not a Magic Bullet.

Spending copious amounts of time collecting big data, marketers are asking “now what?” President, Chris McCann defines what big data means to marketers, understanding that it’s more than just a numbers game, big data is a tool to enhance customer experience, grow business and unlock valuable insight to provide the customer with what they really want.

At around the 40:00 minute mark, this keynote is followed by a panel discussion on Big Data and The Modern Brand Marketer.

Data is more than a database, a DMP and a few proselytizers of this next big thing within a company. In order to get over the buzzword, marketers have to help their companies think beyond the traditional silos and departmentalized operations that characterized corporations of the last century. A consumer-centric, data driven approach to marketing only works when a new sensibility informs all aspects of the organization. How are marketers truly integrating these new data inputs throughout their companies, and having them inform everything from ad spend to product development, future investment to hiring practices? Smart integration requires a multi-pronged approach that aligns technology, company teams, the various channels and then the data to work toward common marketing goals. We start OMMA DDM from the brand’s perspective and how they are using data to drive consumer engagement and growth.


  • Michael Wolf, Founder/Managing Partner, Activate


  • Jocelyn Cripps, EVP, Global B2C Marketing, Financial Times
  • Jessica Kernan, Chief Strategy Officer, North America, RAPP
  • Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Manager,Pepsi NEXT & Pepsi Innovation, PepsiCo
  • Nada Stirrat, EVP/CRO, Acxiom
  • Michael Stoeckel, Head of Ad Operations, Digital Marketing Group, JPMorgan Chase

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