Intel Project Rhino Charges at Hadoop Security

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Over at The Datastack, Intel’s Andy Thurai writes that the company’s “Project Rhino” is aimed at bolstering security in Apache Hadoop in order to make it a better fit for the enterprise.

As more and more organizations are rushing to implement and utilize the power of Big Data, care should be exercised to secure Big Data. Extending the existing security models to fit Big Data may not solve the problem; as a matter of fact it might introduce additional performance issues as discussed above. Most times the existing security model may not scale, protect and serve as expected. A solid security framework needs to be thought out before organizations can adopt enterprise grade Big Data. A major factor when you are deciding on a solution should be a focus on how it can integrate with your existing eco-system such as Identity system, Authorization scheme, etc. Also, in addition, you need to consider the amount of effort that would require implementing this security solution effectively. A touchless Hadoop security gateway can make this happen with very minimal effort.

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