Video: Will Storm Shape the Future of the Big Data Ecosystem?

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In this Silicon Angle video from the Hadoop Summit, Jeff Magnusson from Netflix describes the open-source technologies his company uses to keep track of consumer trends.

Netflix utilizes Apache Pig for recommendations, video optimization and other important workflows. Pig syntax is highly abstracted, Magnusson explains, but raw code is often difficult to understand due to the complexity of certain scripts. He tells Winston that Netflix solved this problem with a visualization tool called Lipstick. The homegrown program transforms code into directed acyclic graphs, or DAGs, that make it easier to spot bugs in large projects. These charts also enable developers to view MapReduce jobs as they execute. Mangusson says that Netflix’s appetite for data will continue to grow as it expands to new markets. He predicts that real-time technologies such as Storm will shape the future of the Big Data ecosystem and revolutionize the user experience in the process.

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