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Dr. Felix Wortmann on Putting Big Data into Perspective

The ISC Events site is featuring an interview on Big Data with Dr. Felix Wortmann from University of St. Gallen and Scientific Director of the Bosch Internet of Things Lab. Wortmann will be a keynote speaker at ISC Big Data’13 conference, which takes place Sept. 25-26 in Heidelberg.

We definitely have seen disruptive innovation on the basis of big data. Just think about the large internet companies. However, if we talk about bringing big data technologies into other domains, we can be very optimistic, but should be careful. More data and low latency do not directly translate into additional business value. To facilitate disruptive innovation and new business models, you have to bring together business opportunities as well as IT capabilities. Therefore, business and IT have to collaborate and rethink how business is done tomorrow.

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