Cleversafe Raises $55M for Object Storage Aimed at Big Data

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Cleversafe logoOver at VentureBeatSean Ludwig reports that Cleversafe, a provider of data storage products, has raised $55 million in its fourth round of funding to go after the big data and cloud business.

Cleversafe is based in Chicago, and it’s notable for its dsNet object storage systems data protection system.

Using what Cleversafe calls Storage Dispersal it solves long RAID rebuild times which can be as high as 48 hours for a 4 TB drive. Cleversafe’s storage systems operate at the infrastructure layer to capture, store and deliver unstructured data and enable data management and analytic applications to efficiently process big data. Users can access Cleversafe’s storage solution through either an internal private cloud, or through a managed services provider. With this technology, only a predefined threshold of slices is needed to retrieve data. Individual servers or entire locations can be down, and the data is still accessible.

“Cleversafe is way ahead of the innovation curve in storage technology,” said board member Peter Barris. “Today, the company is seeing demand for its cost-efficient storage solution from an entirely new class of customer across a growing set of verticals. This demand will only accelerate as an ever-increasing volume of data is generated, and there is no better time for a company with the right technology to step forward to solve today’s business challenges.”

As a result, the Cleversafe solution means your data is inherently private and secure because your data is sliced and transformed. In addition, access to individual slices doesn’t compromise the original content because only data owners can reassemble data.

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