Visual Analytics Solves 5 Big Data Challenges

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Big Data often present big challenges. However visual analytics can help solve 5 of the biggest big data challenges.

Visual Analytics

Data Scientist and IT teams are burdened with ever-growing requests for data, ad hoc analyses and one-off reports. Business decision makers become frustrated because it takes hours or days to get answers to questions, if at all. In addition, more users are expecting self-service access to information in a form they can easily understand and share with others. This new white paper from SAS shows you how visual analytics helps solve your big data challenges

First, here are the 5 biggest challenges with big data:

  1. Meeting the need for speed
  2. Understanding the data
  3. Addressing data quality
  4. Displaying meaningful results
  5. Dealing with outliers

Organizations often approach the problem in one of two ways: Build “samples” so that it is easier to both analyze and present the data, or create template charts and graphs that can accept certain types of information. Both approaches miss the potential for big data. Learn how visual analytics can help your organizations address these big data challenges. Download this white paper from the insideBIGDATA white paper library.

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