Oracle Launches Sparc M6-Powered Big Data Machine

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SPARC M6-32 Server

SPARC M6-32 Server

Over at IT World Canada, Howard Solomon writes that Oracle kicked off its annual user conference this week with the launch of a “Big Data Machine” based on the new Sparc M6 processor.

It’s “the fastest machine in the world for databases stored in-memory,” CEO Larry Ellison told the opening day crowd. He said the M6-32 has twice the memory, more cores and double the bandwidth than IBM’s biggest server, the P795, which runs up to 256 Power 4 GHz CPUs. But the M6-32 costs US$3 million vs. the P795′s US$9.6 million, he said.

The M6-32 Big Data Machine can be purchased in supercluster form, attached via Infiniband to Oracle Exadata database and storage systems. The company says the M6-32 can search 341 billion database rows a second.

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