Free eBook: Object Storage for Dummies

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ObjectStorageforDummiesObject Storage is a technology whose time has come. Exponential increases in the volumes of data being stored, the growing importance of metadata, the need for global access, and a transition to distributed cloudbased applications have pushed traditional block- and file-based storage beyond the breaking point. A new eBook offers timely insight into this important new field.

Object storage is not just about adding new storage functionality. It also fundamentally reduces the complexity of how applications interact with storage. The basic object model of HTTP (create, retrieve, update, and delete) has been well proven in the world’s most scalable and successful application, the World Wide Web, and the standardization of object storage follows the same proven model — dramatically simplifying how applications interface with storage.

Object Storage For Dummies, NetApp Special Edition, was written by Lawrence C. Miller, CISSP with forward by David Slik Technical Director for Object Storage at NetApp Inc. The book explores the challenges of large content repositories, explains object storage, examines the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard, and introduces the NetApp Distributed Content Repository solution.

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