YarcData Broadens Urika Software for Big Data Analytics

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Urika computerToday’s Cray’s YarcData Division announced a new software release for their Urika big data analytics appliance that delivers easier and simplified integration with Business Intelligence and visualization tools.

We have seen an explosion in front-end tools for data discovery, and YarcData’s mission is to be the server back-end for data discovery, similar to how MPP appliances were the server back-end for traditional business intelligence,” said Arvind Parthasarathi, President of YarcData. “With our new software release, the Urika appliance further accelerates the uncovering of valuable insight in disparate enterprise data by combining scalable performance and industry-standard interfaces with the existing analytic ecosystem. Urika also eliminates the need for extensive data preparation, modeling and knowing all of the questions to be asked upfront.”

With this new software release, Urika now integrates with a broad array of enterprise interfaces, including W3C industry standards SPARQL and RDF, JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity), JSON (Java Script Object Notation), and Apache Jena.

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