Big Data Success: 3 Companies Weigh In

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Big-Data1A very insightful panel discussion this week at Interop New York provided a glimpse into the executive suite as three C-level insiders weighed in with how their companies are navigating the Big Data waters.  The panel consisted of Gary Hoberman, global business CIO at MetLife, Mark Lieberman, chairman and co-founder of Tivo Research Analytics, and Arnab Gupta, CEO of Opera Solutions who spoke about one of his company’s clients British Airways.  The discussion centered on the premise that companies must start with a clear business goal, consider the data and finish with human-understandable analytics.

CEO Gupta offered a helpful observation:

People make the problem larger than it needs to be. If you just shift your perspective to solving specific business problems in specific domains, it will open up a world of projects you can get done relatively quickly.

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