insideBIGDATA: 1000 Posts and Counting!

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Rich Brueckner

Rich Brueckner

I am pleased to note that this is post number 1000 on insideBIGDATA.

It’s been a little over two years since I founded this publication and it has been really gratifying to see it growth. Yes, page views and unique visitors are going up, up, up! And that is fantastic. But now with Daniel Gutierrez on board as managing editor, I feel like the publication is really starting to find its voice in this exciting community.

We didn’t get to a thousand posts by xeroxing press releases. Since the beginning, insideBIGDATA has been about providing clear, concise insights on the world of high performance analytics.

Daniel D. Gutierrez

As I wrote in post over at our sister publication insideHPC, Daniel is an expert on machine learning, one of the most the critical areas of Big Data. He’s also an extremely talented writer armed with curiosity and a passion for analytics.In one of Daniel’s first posts, he wrote about something called Bayesian statistics, a method of inference in which Bayes’ rule is used to update the probability estimate for a hypothesis as additional evidence is acquired. But as I learned, what it’s really about is degrees of belief.

When I launched insideBIGDATA, I was convinced Big Data was going to be the most exciting area of information technology for the next decade. And as I’ve made my way writing hundreds of articles on the subject, that resolution continues to be bolstered each and every day.

I believe that Big Data is going to be the most impactful thing since the Internet. And that’s very good news indeed for the HPC community, which stands to benefit greatly from a bigger ecosystem as a result.

If we are successful at insideBIGDATA, we will move your degrees of belief about Big Data as we continue to chart its journey. Please join us for the ride.

-Rich Brueckner
President, InsideHPC Media

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