GridGain Announces In-Memory Computing Stack

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GridGain Systems today announced the availability of what is being touted as the industry’s first end-to-end In-Memory Computing infrastructure stack. The GridGain Stack includes high performance computing (HPC), streaming, and In-Memory Database, as well as drop-in acceleration for Hadoop. The technology solution enables enterprise customers to innovate ahead of the business cycle by doing every data-oriented task much faster, thus conquering challenges that are beyond the capabilities of traditional technology.

GridGain’s In-Memory Computing Stack expands possibilities for real-time decision making, enabling businesses to better understand customer preferences and external influences, and extract insights across broad data sets.

Nikita Ivanov, CEO and founder of GridGain clarifies the uniqueness of the solution:

In-Memory technology will completely redefine computing as we know it, and we’re making it available to everyone in a comprehensive, unified and easily accessible package. You typically have to integrate at least two products to achieve what we do out of the box.

GridGain’s In-Memory Computing Stack was built from the ground up and is the product of 5 years of development. It offers low-latency, high performance computing for any category of payload and a wide variety of data processing requirements.

Unlike traditional processing, which takes the data to the computation, GridGain’s In-Memory Stack brings the computation to the data, unlocking resources and delivering actionable information at a much faster rate.


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