Industry Alignment: Alteryx and Revolution Analytics

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revolution_analyticsAlteryx, a provider of strategic analytics solutions, and Revolution Analytics, the provider of enterprise-class R technology, today announced they have joined forces to make R-based predictive analytics more accessible and scalable for the enterprise. The companies will enter into a cross-bundling agreement starting in Q1 2014 where Alteryx will include a copy of Revolution R Enterprise Workstation with each license of Alteryx Professional and Alteryx Personal Editions, its two core Designer products targeted at line-of-business data analysts. Revolution Analytics will include a copy of Alteryx Personal Edition with every license of Revolution R Enterprise Server, and Alteryx Project Edition, a free version of the Alteryx Designer, with its Workstation product.

George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx describes the new relationship this way:

Business is being reinvented by how modern analytics are delivered. However, the majority of organizations are challenged by the usability and scale of analytics tools at their fingertips. This is why the Alteryx – Revolution Analytics partnership is broadening the aperture of R-based predictive analytics. Our mission is to get a modern experience into the hands of over 3 million data analysts to solve today’s analytic challenges.

alteryx-logoBroader enterprise acceptance and usage of predictive analytics has faced two obstacles. First, complex, difficult-to-use and costly solutions from legacy vendors like SAS have made it prohibitive to put sophisticated analytics directly in the hands of analysts in departments such as marketing, operations, and finance. Secondly, the absence of enterprise readiness of newer solutions has slowed the adoption of predictive analytics. This new partnership addresses these issues by providing a synergistic technology solution whereby data analysts can use a simple drag-and-drop environment from Alteryx to build R-based analytics, and the scalability of Revolution R Enterprise meets production-grade requirements.

David Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics offers this view of the partnership:

Our strategic partnership with Alteryx is a powerhouse to fuel the next generation analytic organizations. The combination of our Big Data Analytics R-based platform plus the easy-to-use analytic workbench and packaged apps provided by Alteryx is game-changing for enterprises.

The companies address two of R’s top adoption challenges, scalability and usability, by providing their customers with an integrated, commercialized solution.








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