Skimbox iOS App Uses Machine Learning

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SKIMBOX LOGOSkimbox, a new iOS email client for both Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, recently announced it is officially available on Apple’s App Store. Skimbox eliminates the problem of email overload by using machine learning technology to securely and automatically filter email into two easily viewable tabs: Mainbox for important messages that need to be acted upon quickly, and Skimbox for those that can be saved for review at a later date.

Email overload has roots nearly as old as email itself, first with spam and now with superfluous legitimate messages. Consumers and businesspeople alike are forced to spend countless hours each week sorting through “graymail” in the form of social media alerts, newsletters, product offers and more. This wastes time and greatly increases the likelihood of missing important emails. Adding to that, independent studies from both the McKinsey Global Institute and Basex show that professionals typically spend more than a quarter of their workweek processing email, at an annual cost Basex estimates to be approximately $997 billion.

David Wihl, CEO of Skimbox advises how machine learning can help solve the problem:

The problem of email overload is serious and growing every day. It isn’t just an inconvenience it’s a problem with a real cost. Particularly for professionals, missing an important message or losing a third of your workday to deal with email comes with a very high price tag. Pre-sorting is just the beginning of what’s possible when applying machine learning technology to help users. Skimbox learns the more it is used.

For more information about Skimbox, visit To download the app, visit the Apple App Store.

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