Big Data Survey Reports Steady Progress

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bigdata_challengesA recent survey of 500 U.S. business and IT executives responsible for technical or strategic decisions affecting data at their company shows the big data phenomenon has business of all sizes re-evaluating methods and strategies for managing and using data. The survey was conducted by IT industry non-profit organization CompTIA.

The survey results constitute positive reinforcement for the big data industry. Among other indicators, nearly eight in 10 executives cited the need for better real-time analytics and improvement in converting data into actionable intelligence. Convincing C-level executives of the need for a new technology suite is critical for production adoption.

Tim Herbert, vice president, research and market intelligence for CompTIA, said in a statement:
Data has always been important in the business world, but the big data trend has elevated its importance, pushing companies to be smarter in how they manage and use data.


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