EXTREEMS Mathematics Initiative Focuses on Big Data

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College of William and Mary logoThe College of William and Mary Department of Mathematics was awarded an $880,000 grant recently from the National Science Foundation for a new program called EXTREEMS-QED. This five-year grant will support undergraduate research in computational and statistical theory and techniques in the study of large data sets.

The amount of digital data is increasing dramatically in virtually every area of science, engineering, technology and daily life,” said Professor of Mathematics Junping Shi, principal investigator of the program. “New innovative training in mathematical and statistical tools for analyzing large data sets is imminently needed.”

Shi says the program’s interdisciplinary approach will allow undergraduate mathematics majors to gain experience in manipulating data across other disciplines and will allow undergraduate mathematics majors to expand and enhance their knowledge in computational and data-enabled science and engineering. The program will also push Big Data into William and Mary mathematics courses such as linear algebra, statistics, data analysis and probability, by introducing data-intensive teaching modules to these classes.

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