Skytree Extends Machine Learning to Any Hadoop Big Data Environment

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SkytreeLogo_Tagline-md.pngSkytree, the Machine Learning Company, recently announced that its flagship product Skytree Server seamlessly integrates with Apache Hadoop, providing predictive analytics with unified management on any Hadoop environment.

San Jose, CA based Skytree originally launched its analytics software platform, Skytree Server, in February 2012 with investments from USVP, Javelin Venture Partners, UPS, Samsung and In-Q-Tel, and recently launched a Second Opinion™ advisory program to help businesses and data scientists extract the most from new or existing machine learning channels.

Machine Learning is the only technology that can predict outcomes and learn patterns from massive amounts of information, often collected in Hadoop. It’s a vital resource for companies to acquire sales, reduce customer churn and edge out the competition,” said Martin Hack, CEO and co-founder of Skytree. “Engineering our Machine Learning software to be as useful as possible was the priority from day one, and integrating with Hadoop was a natural step to empower data scientists’ access to this technology.

Skytree is in the advanced analytics market with a machine learning platform that gives organizations the power to discover deep analytic insights, predict future trends, make recommendations and reveal untapped markets and customers. Predictive analytics is quickly becoming a must-have technology in the age of big data, and Skytree is positioning itself with solutions for enterprise-grade machine learning.

With its leading-edge machine learning technology and list of high-profile investors, Skytree a big data company to watch closely.


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