Top 3 Things to Consider for Machine Learning on Big Data

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Hadoop_elephantsMachine learning is powerful but requires coding and access to all the relevant datasets to get full insights. With new Big Data analytic tools, business users can now use machine learning to gain a competitive edge.

Based on best practices and customer experiences, Datameer and Caserta Concepts sponsored a thought-provoking webinar that discusses what to look for and what value organizations get out of Machine Learning on Big Data.

This webinar provides:

  • an overview of challenges and tools available today
  • use cases for machine learning on hadoop
  • capabilities to look for
  • comparison of available solutions

Karen Hsu, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Datameer
Elliott Cordo, Principal Consultant, Caserta

Click HERE to watch the on-demand recording (registration required).


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  1. Don’t necessarily agree with the statement that “machine learning requires coding”. Part of the value of machine learning is presenting insights back to users without requiring coding, rule-writing, or for that matter, needing to know everything about the data beforehand.