Symantec Big Data Cloud Hub to Fight Targeted Attacks

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symantec logoSymantec is developing a centralized information-sharing Big Data hub to help customers spot and destroy custom-built malware.

Targeted attackers are very persistent: they take months or years and will find gaps in any security system,” said Symantec chief technology officer Stephen Trilling. “Our vision is to help counter this and that over time all data on these threats will be shared. This can be done by storing it in local data stores, but in a perfect world it will be a giant central big data store. This is because the more we can correlate the data; the more we can find attacks we otherwise wouldn’t. It’s all about scale. The bigger the better.”

Trilling also downplayed concerns that competing vendors would be hesitant to share their data, arguing that many already are actively sharing information.

Increasing the sharing of attack data has been a central goal of many governments. Within the UK it has been a key part of the government’s ongoing Cyber Security Strategy. The strategy has seen the launch of several data-sharing initiatives, such as the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP), since launching in 2011.

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