Flexible Schema and the End of ETL

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hadapt_logoWelcome to the world of Schemaless SQL! Hadapt, a Boston based big data start-up gave an intriguing session at the recent Strata Conference + Hadoop World with the provocative title “Flexible Schema and the End of ETL.”

Hadapt’s newly released technology solutions Hadapt Flexible Schema and Multi-Structured Table, enabes business analysts and business intelligence professionals to dramatically reduce the complexity of multi-structured data analysis while accelerating time to insights.

Conceptually, Multi-Structured Tables provide a queryable view of not only traditional structured data, but also non-relational data such as text, document, and key-value pair data in one unified interface. All data types are now queryable via SQL, without any predefined schema or structure—in essence, Schemaless SQL over non-relational data stores.

As Hadoop continues its ascent into enterprise applications, traditional analytic boundaries and data processing methodologies are rapidly becoming obsolete. ETL has long been a constraining aspect of the data analytics pipeline, often limiting the types of data and questions an analyst could ask. With advances throughout the analytics ecosystem, why does this fundamental problem persist?

Although there have been several SQL-on-Hadoop tools introduced recently, these tools still rely on ETL technology (or MapReduce jobs) to structure raw data into a SQL-queryable format. Daniel Abadi, Hadapt Chief Scientist, and Matt Grace, Objective Logistics CTO, presented how Hadapt addresses the use of data-driven schema and multi-structured tables for improving time-to-insight and depth of analytic possibility.

Download the slides for the presentation HERE.

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