Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization

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For all those who may not be aware, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is our industry’s primary professional society attracting a worldwide membership of industry leaders and academics. ACM offers a number of free technical webinars taught by recognizable thought leaders. Here is a compelling presentation by professor Joseph A. Konstan of the University of Minnesota – “Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization.”

Personalization is the key to helping guide users through the morass of available choices to the products and information they seek. Industry leaders such as, Microsoft, Google, and E-Bay have long used recommender systems to improve their offerings and better serve their customers. But recommender systems aren’t limited to big technology firms—they’ve been widely used by small information providers, retailers, and service firms.

This webinar provides an introduction to recommender systems, describing the different types of recommendation technologies available and how they are used in different applications today. Here is a list of areas you’ll learn about:

  • What are recommender systems and how are they used today?
  • The different types of recommender systems: — content-based vs. collaborative recommendation — ephemeral vs. persistent personalization
  • User profiles, site logs, and the information used in recommendation
  • An introduction to the basic technology of recommendation
  • Pointers to resources for further learning

You can download the slides for this lecture HERE.


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