Data Scientists Needed: Why This Career is Exploding

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Big Data JobsIf you haven’t noticed that the Data Scientist job designation is growing in leaps and bounds, then you might also still be using a pager. But even if you are up with current trends in IT, you may not have realized that this job title has increased 15,000 percent between 2011 and 2012 alone. By any measure, that’s pretty amazing.

Our friends over at VentureBeat have put together an article with a series of very useful infographics focused on why we need more data scientists:

Data scientists are the people who can understand and provide meaning to the piles and piles of data that companies collect and keep nowadays. “Big data” is the buzzword that represents those piles — tons of information about customers, products, and habits, that may one day help people sell advertising, build better merchandise, or even save lives.

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