Visualization of the Week: Startup Universe

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The standout visualization for this week is the The Startup Universe, an interactive visualization from visual content marketplace With this intuitive tool you can select a sector from education to e-commer to entertainment to security in order to see the companies, venture capitalists and founders for each category.

For example, a user can select Coursera from the “Education” category and see that it has received three rounds of venture funding totalling $65 million, with two founders and a list of eight funding sources. Clicking on one of the funders, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, brings up the famous Silicon Valley venture capital firm’s investments, which are displayed in a time series that shows the amount of each investment. You can also click on a founder’s name to bring up the entrepreneur’s previous work.

The data, from free technology database Crunchbase, goes back to 1990, and spans 11,000 investors, 25,000 startups and 30,000 founders.



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