Gartner Talks: Batman on Big Data

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Batman-on-big-dataI really enjoyed reading a recent post over on the Gartner blog by Doug Laney, “Batman on Big Data” where he posits about the use and overuse of the so-called 3Vs of big data. He references the original Gartner definition from the late 1990s and talks about how various vendors and industry luminaries have gone so far as to add new Vs to the mix even when they don’t truly address characteristics of “big data.”

Other “V”s like veracity, validity, value, viability, etc. are aspirational qualities of all data, not definitional qualities of big data.

Laney also points to an interesting article by author and analytics strategy consultant Seth Grimes appearing in InformationWeek Big Data: Avoid ‘Wanna V’ Confusion.

I’ve often thought about the incessant use of the Vs when describing big data strategies and deployments and how more Vs keep popping up (one day we’ll run out of appropriate V words) so Laney’s piece hit home for me.


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