H20: An Open Source, In-memory Machine Learning App for Big Data

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In this slidecast, SriSatish Ambati from 0xdata describes the company’s new H20 Open Source, In-memory Machine Learning application for Big Data.

We developed H2O to unlock the predictive power of big data through better algorithms,” said SriSatish Ambati, CEO and co-founder of 0xdata. “H2O is simple, extensible and easy to use and deploy from R, Excel and Hadoop. The big data science world is one of algorithm-haves and have-nots. Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Google and Netflix have proven the power of algorithms on data. With our viral and open Apache software license philosophy, along with close ties into the math, Hadoop and R communities, we bring the power of Google-scale machine learning and modeling without sampling to the rest of the world.”

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