TECH TIP: Introduction to R Shiny

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One of the most innovative adjuncts to the R statistical environment to come out in the last year or so is R Shiny, from the people behind R Studio. R Shiny allows you to quickly and easily build basic web applications using only the R language.

The video below is from a talk presented at Melbourne Users of R Network meetup in November 2013 by Alec Stephenson providing an introduction to R Shiny. Alec demonstrates the basics of web app creation, and shows a number of examples for purposes such as data visualization and student learning. The talk requires only rudimentary knowledge of R.

Alec Stephenson is a CSIRO scientist and a former academic at The National University of Singapore and Swinburne University. He has been writing R software since the days when there were only a hundred or so R packages. He still dislikes the ifelse function.


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