The Superstars of Kaggle Competitions

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kaggle_monsterKaggle is the de facto standard for data science competitions. The organization has made a huge splash in this space by providing a platform for pushing the limits of machine learning technology by assisting all types of enterprises in getting more value from their data assets. One way to learn about this field is to enter one or more challenge to gain real-life experience and become acquainted with the techniques used by the top competitors. Fortunately, Kaggle provides some valuable help in this area by publishing rankings including the profile of the competitor, points earns, number of competitions entered and most importantly, their skill-sets. I found an interesting tabulation HERE which shows the most popular skills for the top 10 Kaggle competitors. Interestingly, R and Random Forests were the top two skills, both of which I spend a lot of time using.

You can check out the current Kaggle rankings HERE. By becoming familiar with the leaders and their methods, you can propel yourself to greater heights in data science – well worth the effort!


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