Enterprise Strategy Group Evaluates Hadapt

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hadapt_logoEnterprise Strategy Group (ESG), a leading analyst firm, recently performed a hands-on evaluation of Hadapt Adaptive Analytical Platform for big data. Testing focused on how the Hadapt architecture integrates into the Hadoop ecosystem, the benefits from its flexible schema, the multi-structured advanced analytic capabilities enabled by Hadapt’s unified architecture, and how it enables customers to analyze all their structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in a single flexible platform..

ESG, through its years of experience performing product evaluations, has a unique perspective of the industry:

Big data is here in force, and the elite of the IT world are all over the opportunity, but few people have the perfect blend of business savvy, IT wizardry, and analytical expertise.”

Hadapt is making inroads unlocking big data for the masses by enabling SQL access to multi-structured data in Hadoop. The unification of these traditionally segregated platforms enables customers to analyze all of their data (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) in a single platform – no connectors, complexities, or rigid structure.


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