Hadoop Buyers Guide

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Big data storageGet your complimentary copy of the Hadoop Buyer’s Guide, from Robert D. Schneider, the author of Hadoop for Dummies.

Increasing numbers of enterprises are turning to Hadoop as an indispensable component for the mission-critical applications that drive their core business operations. Hadoop is no longer considered a “science project” or something to be casually spun off to a “skunk works” team. This new found prominence means that the responsibility of selecting a Hadoop platform is now just as serious as when choosing any other core technology product.

This Buyer’s Guide presents a series of guidelines that you can use when searching for the essential Hadoop infrastructure that will be sustaining your organization for years to come. In fact, this guide is specifically designed to be incorporated into your RFP when it comes to evaluating Hadoop platforms. The guide starts off with background on Big Data, MapReduce, and Hadoop. Next up is a justification about why selecting a Hadoop platform is so vital, followed by a sequence of recommendations that will help you make the best decision when appraising Hadoop options — including the operating systems that support it — with a particular emphasis on:
  • Performance and scalability
  • Dependability
  • Manageability
  • Data access
They guide also provides a detailed comparison of the major Hadoop distributions. The intended audience for this guide includes IT leaders, database architects, system administrators, software developers and business analysts: in short, anyone charged with ensuring that Big Data is a success in their organization. Enjoy the guide and vive la Hadoop!


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