Paxata – Cleaning Up the Data Landfill

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Paxata, the Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform that rapidly connects, explores, transforms and combines data, announced at Strata Conference 2014 advances to its patent pending IntelliFusion™ engine that puts Big Data in its place. Data preparation has been a burden for businesses of all sizes and sectors, and a barrier to fast and impactful business intelligence. Paxata has worked hard to solve this challenge.

Paxata enables business analysts of various technical levels and from companies of various sizes to get to more complete and accurate pre-analytic data sets faster. By drastically reducing the complex and labor-intensive process of data preparation, Paxata elevates the value business analysts bring to business intelligence and decision-making.

In order to get to the high value and visible areas of business intelligence, it is critical to optimize and automate the operational tasks that consume resources and time. Solutions like Paxata help us get data ready, freeing our business analysts from the mundane tasks of joining and cleaning data so we can improve productivity and apply our time to higher value work” said Paxata customer Timothy Weaver, CIO, Dannon.

Paxata is proving the power, speed and simplicity of its cloud-based Adaptive Data Preparation™ Platform by offering to transform pre-analytic data sets with The PaxFormation Challenge. Business analysts can share up to three pre-analytic data sets, which Paxata will transform into ready to use Tableau or Qlik-ready files within hours.

At Strata, the Paxata cloud-delivered platform (launched in October 2013) is being showcased with an enriched user experience that makes it so intuitive and simple to use, business analysts can be up and running in a matter of minutes. In addition to the enhanced and highly intuitive user interface, the Paxata platform now has a number of advanced governance capabilities, including a dynamic and flexible user, role, and permissions model, audited rollbacks, and the ability to search for any modifications at a tenant, user and cell level within projects.

At the heart of the Paxata platform, IntelliFusion™ the proprietary semantic fusion and machine learning engine, enables proactive preparation by automatically detecting data types, relationships, patterns, anomalies and errors, making recommendations to the Pax Pro about what actions can be taken to transform and enrich with additional data, and then assembling the raw data into a coherent answer set. The system adaptively learns as users interact with the system and more data is added, thereby continually improving quality, while reducing the time it takes to prepare data.

Until Paxata, data preparation had been unchanged for around three decades. We were the first adaptive data preparation platform to solve the unmet need of accelerating the time between data preparation and getting to the business of analytics,” said Prakash Nanduri, co-founder and CEO of Paxata. “We unleash the skills of business analysts everywhere by giving them a platform that lets them prepare their structured or unstructured data sets with unprecedented speed and simplicity.”


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