MapR Announces HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR

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hpvertica-mapr-logosMapR Technologies, Inc., the leader in Apache™ Hadoop® technology for Big Data deployments, recently announced the early access release of the new HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR. This high-performance, interactive SQL-on-Hadoop solution tightly integrates HP Vertica’s high-performance analytic platform directly on MapR’s enterprise-grade distribution for Hadoop. It provides 100% ANSI SQL-compliance, with advanced interactive analytic capabilities, and deep business intelligence (BI) and ETL tool support to improve analyst productivity through expanded exploration of semi-structured data as well as traditional structured data.

Organizations embracing Hadoop have been struggling to empower large groups of business analysts who require sophisticated SQL and BI tools to do their jobs, but feel hand-cuffed when using incomplete, SQL-like approaches,” said John Schroeder, CEO and cofounder, MapR Technologies. “Providing HP Vertica’s very high-performance and rich SQL and built-in analytic functions on MapR’s best-of-breed platform for Hadoop sets business analysts free to do faster, interactive analytics from data harnessed by Hadoop.”

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR delivers the best option for SQL-on-Hadoop featuring:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Use same hardware for running both MapR and HP Vertica with no pre-allocation of nodes
  • Get better data protection with significantly less hardware than other distributions of Hadoop

Fast Open SQL-on-Hadoop

  • Achieve faster performance across a broader range of data types than other SQL-on-Hadoop solutions
  • Use complete and open industry ANSI SQL, POSIX, and NFS standards

Complete Analytics

  • Run and visualize exploratory analytics on semi-structured data and operationalize insights in a single step on a unified platform
  • Analyze data in-place with richest set of built-in analytic functions directly on Hadoop
  • Take advantage of a tightly integrated solution with no connectors required

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

  • Take advantage of the only distribution to offer full high availability for Hadoop
  • Use MapR’s unique, native, consistent point-in-time snapshots and mirrors for data recovery and reliability

HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR is a great example of a true Big Data architecture, where powerful analytics and SQL are tightly integrated with the full power and breadth of data in Hadoop, giving customers new insights to their business,” said Colin Mahony, VP and general manager, HP Vertica. “This combination of industry-leading platforms provides organizations with an integrated solution that increases performance and reliability with a smaller data center footprint, eliminating technology limits that often force businesses to make compromises.”


HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR will be made generally available in March. Customers interested in early access can contact their local HP Vertica or MapR representative or contact


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