Podcast: Peter ffoulkes on the Business Transformation of In-Memory Analytics

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ffoulkers_Peter_RGB_SMIn this podcast, Peter ffoulkes from 451 Research discusses the recent launch of the new Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 chip, which is designed to make data more valuable for business through in-memory computing.

Essentially what we’re seeing here is that the whole industry is going through probably the biggest transformation since the introduction of the IBM PC in the 1980s. That brought the world of distributed computing together. This is all changing in the era of Cloud. And one of the big things that’s going on is all of the information that’s out in the marketplace–unstructured data, data analytics, and business analytics. What Intel did at this launch event was set their sights firmly on the RISC Unix vendors and basically introduced this new processor family as a new architecture to change a lot of the things that are going on.

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