Productionizing Hadoop: 7 Architectural Best Practices

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Big Data will change the way your organization responds to business opportunities. But to reap its full benefits, you have to move from proof of concept into full production. Here is an  informative, 52-minute presentation that provides the guidelines for successfully integrating Hadoop into your standard data center processes.

Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, shows you the seven architectural qualities for evaluating Big Data production platforms. You will also get practical advice and real-world insights from experts at MapR Technologies and Cisco, including:

  • Architectural best practices for Big Data applications
  • A convenient checklist for building a successful Big Data platform
  • Six key challenges to getting Hadoop productionized
  • How Cisco IT solved its Big Data challenges

Find out how you can mainstream Hadoop in your organization and take advantage Big Data’s full potential.


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