Yellowfin 7 Analytics Platform for Enterprise-wide Data Discovery

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yellowfin-biBusiness Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, through its BI platform Yellowfin 7, offers a robust solution for ad-hoc analysis and data visualization for enterprise applications. The company’s most recent additions and enhancements of the product focus on five core technical capabilities, including improved content creation, multi-chart formatting, enriched administration, as well as new collaborative decision-making and mobile report authoring functionality.

Yellowfin 7’s new interface for analysis lets you instantly understand the impact of your data selections on the content you’re creating, empowering users to achieve deeper understanding in less time and build the most insightful BI content possible – every time,” said Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie.

Yellowfin 7’ Data Discovery interface simplifies and enhances the self-service analytics experience, enabling users to create BI content faster than ever before – on any device. The Yellowfin 7 analytics platform is designed to make enterprise-wide data discovery not only possible, but easy. The company’s goal is to empower anyone to effortlessly interpret and act on business data in a way that actually makes reporting and analytics so natural and easy it’s a joy to use. In particular, the content creation module in Yellowfin 7 enables users to conduct real-time ad-hoc analysis on business data, generating immediate business insight – on any device.

The video below provides an overview of Yellowfin 7’s ad-hoc analysis and data visualization capabilities:


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