Rocket Internet Selects MapR for Hadoop-based Marketing Analyses Platform

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maprMapR Technologies, Inc., one of the leading distributions for Apache Hadoop, recently announced that Rocket Internet, the world’s largest Internet incubator, has switched to the MapR Distribution for Hadoop to build a powerful user behavior analysis system.

For the last three years, Rocket has run its own internally designed and advanced business intelligence application to examine the activities of people visiting its client websites. The software helps its business managers to better understand user behavior in an effort to optimize processes and build better online products. The Rocket Internet Business Intelligence tool also determines marketing spend, powers recommendation engines and performs proactive outreach activities.

With a growing number of clients and a richer set of complex data points, Rocket Internet started exploring ways to help its Business Intelligence engine scale. Rocket is now using the power of the MapR Distribution for Hadoop to deliver an enhanced analytics engine, which can better determine the impact of each marketing channel and each keyword on overall client business. In terms of real-world return, the performance gains are allowing the company to better optimize marketing spend down to a single keyword.

MapR had the set of enterprise features such as data replication and flexible file support that we considered essential – especially as we wanted to retain flexibility. For us, the long-term benefits of our switch to the MapR Distribution for Hadoop are significant and provide us with the flexibility, performance and resilience to build out our analytics capability in any direction we need,” Patrick Fink, global head of Business Intelligence at Rocket Internet.

Since its inception in 2007, Rocket Internet has been building online businesses with over 100 market leading companies in more than 50 countries of which dozens have been successfully exited. Although headquartered in Berlin, Rocket operates a network of 25 international offices with 500 staff working closely with a further 25,000 staff at Rocket portfolio companies.


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