Guavus Unveils CareReflex

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guavusGuavus, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions, recently unveiled CareReflex, an application to improve the ability to identify the root causes of complex customer issues. Built on top of the Guavus Reflex™ Platform, CareReflex combines IVR, operational, and business data in real-time to provide timely, actionable insights for an improved customer experience.

The sheer volume and variety of data that organizations need to monitor, analyze and act upon in the context of business needs require a shift in approach from today’s traditional data warehousing and analytics solutions. Addressing this industry-wide problem, CareReflex uncovers commonalities in real-time between more than twenty different data sources to create an end-to-end view across their enterprise with a highly granular resolution and actionable insights that can be embedded into automated workflows.

By deploying CareReflex, a large North American multi-system operator (MSO) is expected to significantly reduce repeat calls and save millions of dollars per year by avoiding costly truck rolls to its customers’ premises. The MSO is using CareReflex to correlate infrastructure and customer care events to discriminate when a problem was related to the infrastructure versus a problem with the customer premises equipment (CPE).  Once the problem root cause is properly identified, the MSO is able to prioritize necessary field operations, improve first call resolution, reduce care interactions through targeted call deflection, and deliver a better customer experience.

Pressure from customers who are increasingly subject to service failures is forcing businesses to rely more than ever on machine-generated data to deliver on their customer service promises,” said Manish Goel, CEO, Guavus. “Guavus is setting the new standard for big data-powered operational intelligence, enabling our customers to achieve unprecedented levels of operational productivity, real-time decisioning, and revenue growth. As existing data platforms are unable to handle the challenges associated with big data, our unique solution provides the missing link for businesses who are looking for a real-time integrated view across their business and operations for improved decision making.”


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