NoSQL Database to Power Big Data App for Macmillan Education Australia

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macmillan_sqrrl_logosBIG DATA USE CASE

Sqrrl, the company that develops secure NoSQL database software for Big Data applications, has collaborated with Macmillan Education Australia, a leading educational publisher, to help them power a next generation education portal. Sqrrl’s NoSQL database, Sqrrl Enterprise, enables Macmillan to securely store massive amounts of student and teacher data and ensures data is only accessed in authorized ways.

Students, parents, and teachers will use the web-based portal, which is called Macmillan Connect, to access online educational resources. Students can take quizzes and exams; teachers will be able to track progress and record grades and notes; and functionality for parents to be able to monitor the progress of their children through real-time dashboards and visualizations will also be possible.

For Macmillan Connect, we require a NoSQL database that can support interactive queries, process very large amounts of multi-structured data, and provide fine-grained access controls and encryption,” says Sue McNab the platform technical lead at Macmillan Education Australia. “We looked at a number of options, and only Sqrrl could provide these combined capabilities.”

Fine-grained access controls are a critical requirement for this application, as student data will be selectively shared with the students, parents, and teachers based on both user-driven policies and government regulations. Sqrrl Enterprise’s unique ability to provide data-centric security controls for Big Data set it apart from other NoSQL solutions.


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