Panorama Software Introduces Necto 14

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panoramaPanorama Software is on schedule to introduce Panorama Necto 14 on April 23 – a new business intelligence (BI) data discovery solution to provide business users with a uniquely personalized and collaborative data discovery experience presented via highly visual and dynamic infographics. Panorama Necto 14 users across the enterprise can easily explore, measure, track, and share critical data visually to gain knowledge, boost collaboration, and make smarter business decisions.

The vast majority of business users consider current BI tools too complex and difficult to use.  All types of people are demanding easy self-service access to more types of data, and a more intuitive way to represent and communicate their critical business metrics,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO at Panorama Software. “Panorama Necto 14 offers a fresh new way for both business users and power users to review, present, and track data using context-specific visual images rather than confusing, complex graphs and reports.”

Transform Complex Data into Easily Understood Business Stories

Panorama Necto 14 introduces Necto infographics, a popular graphical method to visually present complex information quickly and clearly, and in a business story built for the mainstream business user.

  • Infographics are fully dynamic, directly linked to live data to reflect changing business conditions in real time;
  • Users can assemble infographics using Panorama’s preexisting library of graphics or custom-create their own images, then fully personalize their data experience by adjusting parameters and alerts to meet their specific business needs;
  • Information is context aware, presented within self-service dashboards.
  • Integrating Infographics into a socially enabled solution enhances the current “suggestive” capabilities of Necto.

We’re very excited about Panorama’s new Necto infographics. This straightforward, visual approach will be easy for general users to adopt, while still offering us the detailed data drilling and linking capabilities we need to effectively understand, track, and communicate key performance metrics,” said Leonard Strashnoy, Senior BI and Data Architect of WirelessWERX, a current Panorama Necto customer. “We also love the updated Necto Notifier, which will give us new flexibility to set up automatic notifications in the same web-based user interface. That will be a huge plus for our users.”

Taking Business Intelligence 3.0 to the Next Level 
Panorama Necto 14 further advances Panorama’s vision for business intelligence 3.0 adding a highly intuitive visual component to the company’s current collaborative and contextual data discovery solution.  Offering a governed ‘single version of truth’ environment that lets users mash up data from a variety of sources and collaborate at every level of the decision-making process, Panorama Necto 14 automatically suggests to business users where insights can be found, while presenting that information in visual, clearly understandable terms, with no need to turn to IT or business analysts for analysis or interpretation.

It is very likely that 2014 will be a critical year in which the task of making ‘hard types of analysis easy’ for an expanded set of users, along with ensuring governance, scale and performance for larger amounts of diverse data, will continue to dominate BI market requirements,” wrote Rita Sallam, research vice president at Gartner.

Additional Features in Panorama 14 include:

  • Necto Notifier: Allows users to build a notification for themselves and their peers via email or workboards;
  • Dimension Selector: Lets users decide what to see in an easy, drag and drop user interface and organize the data in one place to expedite queries;
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Connection Wizard: Enables users to connect to any ODBC source in a structured, scalable user interface for easy access to a variety of data sources.


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