Cxense Unveils Real-Time Data Management Platform

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cXense_logoCxense has announced the Cxense DMP, an expanded version of its Big Data solution that offers publishers improved aggregation, segmentation and use of customer data to better engage and monetize visitors across all digital channels, including mobile phones and tablets.

The Cxense DMP is an anchor application within the Cxense suite of offerings designed to improve engagement and monetization on media web sites and applications without removing the data from publishers’ control. The Cxense software-as-a-service-based (SaaS) products provide site visitors with better experiences across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, while helping publishers increase digital revenue through precisely targeted advertising and personalized content.

Using sophisticated tools such as collaborative filtering and semantic analysis, combined with in-depth user profiling, Cxense meets the desires of site visitors precisely with its unique blend of the readers’ personal interests combined with context and trending data. With the DMP, Cxense addresses the most pressing problems publishers face with Big Data – including how to tap into, manage, and fully use the extraordinary amounts of data they collect. These activities are crucial for increasing reader engagement, growing advertising revenue, and increasing the willingness of readers to pay for subscriptions.

The Cxense DMP, already in use by many of Cxense’s global customers, enables publishers to capitalize on their Big Data in a variety of ways:

  • Enhancing relationships with audiences through a better understanding of their interests and intent.
  • Improving contextual experiences for readers by delivering relevant, personalized content to individual users or audience segments at the right time and place – and on any device.
  • Providing publishers with the ability to combine, sort, manage, and use data in the most meaningful ways based on the profiles of individual users, increasing audience engagement and monetization.
  • Driving digital revenue through more effective, relevant, and timely advertising and promotions.

Cxense employs a three-pronged approach with its DMP solution – aggregate, segment, and action – all in real time:

  • Aggregate: The Cxense DMP understands what types of data are most valuable to collect, and instantly secures them from multiple sources such as web sites and applications (mobile, tablet and desktop), CRM, ERP and CMS systems, subscription data, analytics systems and third-party data.
  • Segment: The Cxense DMP understands in real time which trends, indicators and segmentation methods are the most powerful for creating actionable insight from the gathered data. Cxense organizes and optimizes the data, then develops detailed individual user profiles and customer segmentation based on various data points (interests, demographics, location, behaviors, context, purchasing history, device and more).
  • Action: Cxense takes segmentation data and makes it instantly usable on publisher websites and by linking to marketing tools in real time for precisely targeted communication.

Our enhanced DMP offering capitalizes on real-time data analysis and makes it readily actionable for our customers,” said Raman Bhatnagar, CEO of Cxense. “With digital subscription optimization and more targeted advertising and content, publishers will see their conversion rates climb, increased reader loyalty, and a well-deserved boost in digital revenue. It’s all about knowing what users want.”


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